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Fall 2017 Update!

We are excited to report that the Free and Fair Elections Resolution will soon be introduced into the Pennsylvania State Senate for the current legislative session! Our Resolution was introduced last session, but did not advance. The good news is that our Resolution is being introduced this year by a bipartisan group of State Senators! We are working to retain the support that we had from legislators last session and to get even more support this session so that our Resolution will be advance and ultimately be adopted!

You can read the announcement of our soon-to-be-introduced Senate legislation by clicking here

Our Resolution has already been introduced into the current legislative session of the PA House of Representatives as HR 357 (click here to view the legislation). We are nearing 60 cosponsors as of today!

Our volunteers have been working tirelessly for the last several months to gain support in the PA State Legislature. Earlier this summer, a number of volunteers joined at the State Capitol for a Citizen’s Action Day. Most recently, several of our Organizers were at the Capitol again, working to gain the support of more legislators (pictured below)

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Join us at the State Capitol on May 8th for Citizen Action Day!

On Monday, May 8, PA United to Amend will have a Citizen Action Day at the State Capitol in Harrisburg. Please join us — the work is important and it’s a great opportunity to meet other volunteers from across the state!

We will be attending meetings with several legislators and stopping by the offices of many others to let them know about our legislation. Representatives and Senators are much more responsive when they see a large number of people advocating for a particular cause. Additionally, the more of us that attend, the more legislators we can reach.

Not only will you have the chance to make significant progress toward reducing the undue power of money and special-interest influence in politics, you’ll also have some fun! Everyone is welcome to attend. If you are new to the group or have never met with a legislator before, this is a great way to get active and to learn the ropes.


When we know who plans on attending, possible carpooling will be arranged. Additionally, suggested lodging information will be provided to those who wish to arrive in Harrisburg on Sunday evening.

Your help is CRITICAL, so we hope to see you on May 8.

Our legislation is live in Pennsylvania!

We’re happy to report that PA State Representative Jim Cox has re-introduced HR 357, The Free and Fair Elections Resolution, in the PA State House of Representatives!

We have an awesome team of volunteers dedicated to getting our legislation passed in PA this session, but we need more help! Email us at to get on board and help PA become the next state to DEMAND a constitutional amendment to curb corruption and special interest influence in politics!



January 2017 update…

The 2017-2018 Pennsylvania General Assembly session is officially underway! As mentioned in the December 2016 update, we are currently in the process of having our legislation re-introduced into both the PA Senate and PA House of Representatives. We anticipate that this will occur within the coming several weeks.

Please check back soon for further updates!


December 2016 update….

PA United To Amend is gearing up for the next PA legislative session, which begins in January. Here are a few things we are working on to ensure that we hit the ground running in 2017…

  • Talking with our primary sponsors from the last session to ensure that our legislation is re-introduced into both the PA House and Senate in a timely fashion.
  • Getting in touch with our supporters in the Legislature from last session to ensure their continued support going forward.
  • Adjusting our administrative practices based on what worked (and what didn’t work) in the past.
  • Training a large group of new volunteers (awesome!)

2017 is going to be an exciting year for PA United To Amend. If you are interested in volunteering, please email your contact information and location in PA to

Check back soon for more updates!


Thanks to those to made it out to the Western PA meet up!


An update from PA…

First, the bad news. Due to the limited amount of time left in this session and other legislative priorities, our legislation will not advance any further this year.

Now, the good news. We are in a great position moving into the next legislative session! Our team has built a ton of bipartisan support for our legislation that will carry over into next year. It is a fact that it usually takes several sessions to get legislation passed, and 2017 will begin the 3rd session that our legislation will be introduced into the PA General Assembly. A number of legislators have praised our efforts and are encouraged about our chances in the next session!

As 2016 comes to an end, our team will be preparing to hit the ground running in 2017. While we have built an impressive team of dedicated volunteers, it is a fact that we really do need more help if we’re going to get this done. If you want to be a part of getting the Free and Fair Elections Resolution passed in PA, follow the link below to join the team!